Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lousy farmers

Let me just start by saying that daylight savings is really important to me. I can say without exaggeration it is my most important political concern, and the only issue about which I have ever contacted a congressman. When John Shimkus, Republican from Illinois, sponsored legislation a few years ago to extend daylight savings, I called his office and told him to keep up the good work. And, indeed, daylight savings was extended, starting last year; it now begins three weeks earlier in the spring and ends a week later in the fall.

I believe we should have daylight savings all year long. Standard time can suck it. Having daylight extended into the early evening benefits virtually everybody (as most everyone is awake then), while having daylight extended into the early morning benefits only a miserable, early-rising few. There are also energy benefits, which you can imagine if you think about it for a few seconds. Most importantly, nothing makes fall more miserable than the end of daylight savings time, when it starts getting dark around 4:45.

While I'm happy about the extension of daylight savings, one thing about the issue sticks in my craw. While scheduling interviews, publicists inevitably suggest times in standard time format. (As in, "Why don't you call Wale at 1 pm PST?" or, "Spencer Krug would love to talk to your ass at 8 pm EST.") Since they do this throughout the year, that means they are wrong approximately 2/3rds of the time. (Take now, for example.)

So, unless you're referring to those weird nether-regions in Indiana and Phoenix that don't use daylight savings time, please refer to our interview times as 1 pm PDT, or 8 pm EDT. It's correct, and it shows daylight savings time the respect it deserves. Remember: the D stands for daylight.


Anonymous said...

I think that time zones, in general, are silly. There should just be one world time, all the time. Long ago, humans decided that we wanted "8:00 am" to be morning and "11:00 pm" to be bedtime. How arbitrary!

Why is it that when we get up to make coffee, we need the microwave to say 8:00? What would happen if it said 2:00 but it was actually morning? Nothing.

jessica said...

Interviews were hard to schedule for this reason when I lived in Tucson. The band or I always mixed up the times, but it was also always my fault, because publicists have very little patience for college newspaper kids.

katie said...

I need to make a small correction to your otherwise informed rant on ST v. DT. As a fellow Hoosier, I would like to inform you that Indiana has bowed to the gods of daylight savings time. You can now travel through the state and not worry about entering into some oddball time zone. We play for the Eastern Time Zone team now. Suck it, Central.